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The Mainstream Media: Is It Bias or Stupidity?

Mounting and somewhat overwhelming evidence suggests that the majority of those representing ‘mainstream media’ here in the USA are something….I will let you decide. That’s one possible choice. Here is the evidence for the other:   Maybe it’s both, I … Continue reading

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Can a Tiger Change It’s Stripes? Only When It’s A Politician!

Yesterday, the House voted 327-8 to pass Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed” bill. But the legislation is dead on arrival in the Senate, thanks to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who has vowed not to allow the Senate to vote … Continue reading

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President Obama Comments About Executive Order for Amnesty

A few days ago President Obama issued a new Executive Order putting some provisions of the so-called DREAM Act into effect. Following the Act’s defeat in the Senate in December 2012 this was apparently the only way to push it … Continue reading

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“Elect Me” Lies Will Harm Our Nation

One thing that has become almost accepted is election year BS. Stuff that many candidates and incumbents do and say for the singular purpose of winning the election. Unfortunately, people who don’t follow the watchdogs or research themselves frequently believe … Continue reading

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Sometimes All You Can Do Is Laugh

Yep, while our elected officials say everything is on the rise, the bankruptcy and foreclosure numbers reach new highs day after day. While they tell us the measures they have taken have forestalled disaster, our debt is now equal to … Continue reading

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