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Clear Thinking?

I have been chided for the fact that the vast majority of my postings in recent months have been political. I do not apologize, for I listen to the inane, uninformed and close minded comments that seem to pass for … Continue reading

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President Obama Comments About Executive Order for Amnesty

A few days ago President Obama issued a new Executive Order putting some provisions of the so-called DREAM Act into effect. Following the Act’s defeat in the Senate in December 2012 this was apparently the only way to push it … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Tribute

Here in the USA while we have set aside special days to commemorate things we all agree are/were important in history, there is a strong tendency to pass over these memories in the hurry to enjoy a “holiday.” I’ll tell … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Jr.

There have been many great people, and many great orators. But nowhere near as many great people who were also great orators. Included in the latter group is Martin Luther King Jr. who, when many were out looking for blood … Continue reading

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I Will Not Comply!

Below is an article copied in total from Glenn Beck’s site. Strong? Perhaps. Unreasonable? Perhaps not. Read it for yourself, have you been hiding your head in the sand? It finally happened. The day has finally come. Glenn admitted on … Continue reading

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