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Justice Louis Brandies

Perhaps the biggest single problem in our world today is wrapper up in our perception of who is the enemy and where to look for the source of attacks on our love of freedom. I came upon this quote in … Continue reading

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President Obama Comments About Executive Order for Amnesty

A few days ago President Obama issued a new Executive Order putting some provisions of the so-called DREAM Act into effect. Following the Act’s defeat in the Senate in December 2012 this was apparently the only way to push it … Continue reading

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Okay, Maybe Our Government Can Help the Underprivileged

You know, the whole take from the rich and give to the poor thing? What is it they call that these days, leveling the playing field? Or is it Class Warfare? Or perhaps simply stealing? And the genuine question arises: … Continue reading

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When He Is Right – He Is Really Right!

“Jellyfish Capitalism” and the Jeremy Lin saga I am as much of a sports fan as most people are fans of Woodrow Wilson books. They don’t care about Woodrow, I don’t care about sports. My lifetime sports diet consists of … Continue reading

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“Elect Me” Lies Will Harm Our Nation

One thing that has become almost accepted is election year BS. Stuff that many candidates and incumbents do and say for the singular purpose of winning the election. Unfortunately, people who don’t follow the watchdogs or research themselves frequently believe … Continue reading

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