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Why the American Military Matters

Many people both within and outside of our government want desperately to cut back, hold back and castigate the US Military. But do they know what the overall effect on the world would be? Perhaps not. A weak US military … Continue reading

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The Number One Greenhouse Gas

No it’s not what is spouted by the rabid environmentalists (although that runs a close second) it is CO2. Where does CO2 come from? Date: May 2, 2014  Ian Rutherford Plimer is an Australian geologist, professor emeritus of earth sciences at the … Continue reading

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Our Amazing Technology

We live in a most amazing time of change and discovery. That really came home to me when I viewed the new series of videos put out by Google Earth in conjunction with Time and NASA. There are, in total, … Continue reading

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Religion in America

Many of you may agree with me when I state that Religion (particularly Christianity) is under duress, even attack in the USA today. Some of you may disagree vehemently with the statement. I believe the difference lies in where you … Continue reading

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5 Best Quotes In The World

Whenever I am having one of those days where nothing seems to fall into place and it’s a struggle to not get down on myself or the situation I find myself in, I pull out my handy dandy little notepad … Continue reading

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