The Balloon President

I just watched President Obama’s ‘jobs bill’ speech. I honestly don’t know why I do this to myself. Every single time I pay attention to the president speaking I come away upset and angry.

Beginning with the time when Mr. Obama first came on the national scene I have said he is an extremely polished speaker. He seems to have a grasp of what people want to hear – and he speaks to those issues. Or rather, he says what people want to hear. Unfortunately, the things he does, the regulations he pushes, the executive orders he creates, even the direction the country is being led in, does not match up with his words.

In today’s speech (9-12-11) he said one thing very clearly: “Pass this bill.” And I believe he said it 15 times. Watch this great 45 second video to get the gist of highlights of the speech:

OK, I get it. The speech is an advertisement to get the bill passed. But I prefer to focus on the more ‘meaty’ parts of what he said.

He said: The bill will help our economy. What is behind those words? HOT AIR. No meat, no facts just HOT AIR. Some people might call his statements lies, I just prefer to call him The Balloon President. Because obviously because he is full of it.

This bill will help stop teachers from being laid off. HOT AIR.

This bill will help veterans. Fully supported by HOT AIR.

This bill will keep cops on the beat and firefighters on call. Backed up by HOT AIR.

This bill will put construction workers back to work rebuilding America. Lots and Lots of HOT AIR.

This bill will encourage small business. Enough HOT AIR to raise a balloon for every business owner in the country.

This bill is fully funded. Holy smokes! By what? HOT AIR.

The American Jobs Act will not add to the debt, and it will not add to the deficit.        Forget it – I am out of breath already.

Stop spending so much time watching politician’s lips and listening to their words. Start paying attention to actions and watch their results. I don’t care what party they say they are – watch their feet. In what direction are they moving?

As President Obama said near the end of his speech, “These aren’t games we’re playing out here, folks are out of work.” Great words, now move your feet. And stop the obvious lies.

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