The Number 1 Destroyer of Success

A lot of us love the of self-employment. Every year you will see the results of the polls blasted all over the media and even more on the Internet. Right now it is stated that more than half of the Americans questioned wish to have a business of their own.

I have never seen a statistic showing what percentage of them actually make the break. How many of the millions that “want” to, really do? I am a firm believer in the 80/20 rule. But of the people that do the numbers tell us that only 10% make it.

Why do so few try? And of those that do, why do so few succeed?

Yes, I know, we get into semantics and what is meant by the word ‘success.’ That is valid. But I think for the most part that is a case of looking way too deep for an answer that lies near the surface.

At least it did in my case.

How many of us that are in business today delayed getting started? I can only speak for myself. But I’m not all that different from many of you I think.

From the time I got married I was always looking for a way, or at least talking & thinking about it. And don’t get me wrong, I was sincere. It doesn’t take too much research to discover that you can’t ever really get ahead of the game if are working for a wage. It doesn’t even matter how much the wage is.

You are a slave to it. Trading hours for dollars puts you on that wheel to nowhere. The minute you lose your ability to produce, you are history. The hard truth is this: The wage slave is broke. I realized just how broke I was when I heard the following definition.

You are broke when: If for some reason you were unable to perform your job….after three months they would come and take away your television (or disconnect your able)….after six months they would repossess your car….after nine
months they would kick you out of your home. Boy, oh boy. Was I broke!

But still, for several years I held off. Why? Well, it’s a little complex. I remember thinking many, many times that I just couldn’t find the time. After all, my life was already full of stuff. Isn’t yours? I had work and the kids had to be taken to sports things and of course I couldn’t miss my favorite TV shows. And I needed my rest! Don’t you?

It may seem to you that I am just trying to make a point here. What I am doing is telling on me. It’s who I was. If you came into my house while Kung Fu was on TV you did not say a word until a commercial, or you were welcome to leave. The simple truth.

Was I lazy? Not at all. Was I stupid? Only to the degree that I am now! So what then? I was so cemented in the NOW that I almost lost that there will be a THEN. I was so in love with the pleasures of TODAY that I almost sacrificed my TOMORROWS. And that is where I am now writing this from. If a friend had not helped me see some things, the who and where I am today could not exist.

I was in pursuit of Happiness. As are we all. But when I found some Pleasures I thought for a while that they were the same thing. I my belief that I had found what I was looking for….I stopped looking. I stopped trying. I stopped changing. I hear people every day who have given up. They say, “I can’t change. It’s just who I am.”

So every time I saw an opportunity to stretch, to reach for my Dream-I put it off. I never said no. I never quit (in my own mind). I just didn’t have time.

Without knowing it I had succumbed to the #1 Destroyer of Success. It is what keeps millions from moving on, from writing that book or poem, from composing that piece of music, from having a successful business, from fulfilling that dream.

What genuine greatness goes undiscovered, unrealized simply because it was easier not to do it today? I did not understand until it was shown to me. Perhaps there is one person who might read this, or have someone else tell themof it who may be touched as was I. In the honest hope that this might happen, let me state it with crystal clarity.

Procrastination Kills. It kills what your tomorrow could be.

Whatever it is that you would do….Start it today! Action and Persistence win more often than Skill and Knowledge.

Till next time. Good luck and God Bless. Remember, IdeasWIN, develop yours.

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Posted 1-25-2001

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