Trans Siberian Orchestra in Philadelphia

Last night I had the chance to attend a concert by the Tran Siberian Orchestra. They were an almost total unknown to me – and I was blown away.
The name is slightly misleading as the group consists of 3 guitarists, 2 keyboard players, an mad electric violinist, and a drummer a 1 male & 1 female ‘lead’ singers, backed by 7 singers and a 7 piece string section. Add in a ‘story teller’ and you have quite an ensemble!

After the show we all agreed that their concert is so different, so eclectic, that it is tough to try to describe it to the uninitiated. But allow me to give it a shot….

Try to imagine a concept album collaboration of Rick Wakeman, The Who, Yanni, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and the Moody Blues. Now throw in a touch of Grace Slick and Billy Joel and some narration by James Earl Jones. All that and you still don’t come close. It was a rock & roll show with strong classical overnotes. Pachbel, Mozart and Tchaikovsky were all in attendance, and the light show rivaled any I have ever witnessed. There were over 60 color changing strobe lights, dozens of multi-hued lasers and 30 rotating spotlights. They also made liberal use of fire, both on the main stage and behind the floor seating at a small mini stage they used several times during the show. There were 4 telescoping platforms the performers rode, two of which actually extended out over parts of the floor and front side seating. As if that were not enough, the entire stage was backed by a huge video ‘screen’ made up of thousands of light bulbs.

To say the least it was a visual and aural extravaganza that lasted an uninterrupted two and one half hours.

To sum it all up – WOW.

Here is a YouTube link to a live performance. The audio is not the best but you get a true feeling for overall the impact of the show. Check it out for yourself:

This video clip is from the show we attended n Philadelphia 12-14-2012. The previous was from a show several years ago. Do a little looking around on YouTube and you will find many examples of these amazing concerts..

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