Unexpected Joy!

These days it’s more often that something we see or hear, or is passed on via email brings doubt and irritation. What a marvelous thing it is when the opposite happens.

If you follow the news you heard a lot about troubling ‘flash mobs’ harming people and vandalizing businesses. But there is another kind of flash mob, one that can put a smile a mile wide on your face.

This morning, I received links to the YouTube video below from two friends. It brightened my morning in a big way.


If that made you feel as good as it did me – you might just do what I did… I spent the next 30 minutes looking around on YouTube for more! Under the pretense of saving you some time, allow me share just one more with you to help keep that smile on your face just a few minutes more. After all, some days we really need something that brings us joy when we can’t seem to summon it from within.


The feelings these create in me are mirrored in the faces of the ‘innocent bystanders,’ their thrill of happy surprise is written clearly there. And the children! Imagine the uplifted day they all had because of this.

In our hustle, bustle lives sometimes we forget the need for simple pleasures. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can not bring others some surprise happiness. It doesn’t take singing and dancing, sometimes it is much easier then that.

This summer we took a family trip up to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was a terrific day in every way, and a long, tiring one. On the ferry back we were tired enough that we sat inside rather than up top. We were on ‘sight seeing’ overload. It turned out to be a happy circumstance that we choose to do that.

While we resting a group of about 20 teenagers wearing the same sweat shirts went to the area in front of the seating. Before anyone realized what was happening they began singing, performing a couple of “a cappella” songs. Right now the one I recall clearly was a jazzy version of Java Jive that had us all toe tapping to say the least.

It was an genuine thrill. After they finished, everyone clapped and resumed chatting, etc. I was staring out the window, lost in my own musings, when someone tapped on my shoulder. It was one of the singing teens, a slight girl of perhaps 15 with a shy face and red hair. She said she wanted to thank me! To say I was caught off guard would be an understatement.

She then explained that she had been extremely nervous singing to an unsuspecting group of strangers in this very public setting. But what had made it easier for her was my smile. Apparently, during the entire performance, I had been broadly smiling my appreciation & pleasure. Such a little thing! Here I thought that I was on the receiving end of this unexpected joy: when in fact, I was also giving it.

Who could we make happier by smiling at them today? A fellow worker? A check out clerk? A waitress? Perhaps, the whole world!

Smile, and the world smiles with you.

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