What is the Greatest Threat to America’s Future?

The video below is part of a Question & Answer period at Denver University prior to last November’s election. Dennis Prager’s comments here deserve some serious reflection.

We are traveling on a road taking us blindly to a place we would not choose to go. It is time to wake up and pick our own direction. I, for one prefer where we came from much more than where I see us headed.

The most significant aspect of the challenge that I see? It’s what used to be called the “silent majority.” The politicians and media heads are so far out of step with the vast majority of regular people that it is unbelievable. But they live and die by the knowledge that ‘if you say something loud enough and often enough people will believe it.’ With that as a basis they are pushing us all in the direction of THEIR choice.

There is a simple solution, people need to stop listening and begin investigating. You know what you like, who you trust and where you want to go. Seek knowledge and fact and move away from listening to the opinions of those who demonize their opponents.

“Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.” – Terry Goodkind

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