Why Vote?

I just got an email from the local “Tea Party” group. Although I have never been to their meetings, I receive messages about them. The topic of the upcoming meeting was very simple: Why Vote?

I must admit, I was flabbergasted! Here is an organization that exists for the sole purpose of bringing about change within our government: which can really only happen through the process of voting someone in and someone else out. And yet they feel the need to have a meeting to tell their members why they should vote!

This really speaks to the apathy and victim attitude that is so prevalent in today’s society. You can not go a day without hearing some complaint about how bad things are, the news is filled with people protesting and ‘camping out’ about the wrongs that have been thrust upon them. Numbers I have found online indicate that about 60% of those eligible to vote do register, and of those registered about 70% of those actually vote. This means that roughly 52% of eligible voters in the US vote in major elections.

Voting is a privilege. One that most of the world does not share. My general feeling is if you do not vote you do not have the right to complain about how things are, because you are not taking any action in order to change the things that you complain about.

In R. A. Heinlein’s novel “Starship Troopers” the only people allowed to vote were those who served in the defense of their country. They earned and appreciated the right. Maybe that’s what we need to do to get Americans to realize just how good we have it.

Before we lose it.

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2 Responses to Why Vote?

  1. Ellen says:

    In Starship Troopers is that where you have to earn the right to be called a Citizen?

  2. C says:

    In order to be considered a ‘full citizen’ meaning having the right to vote or hold office you had to perform some sort of voluntary Federal Service. Those residents who have not exercised their right to perform this Federal Service retain the other rights generally associated with a modern democracy (free speech, assembly, etc.), but they cannot vote or hold public office.

    In the movie they glossed over Heinlein’s social commentary which was a major part of the book. In fact, it was to make some of those statements that caused him to write this novel in the first place.

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