Yearning For The Truth

I have always considered myself a fairly well educated person who had at least a general idea of what was going on in his own little world as well as his state and country…until about a week ago. My little snowglobe of perfection was shattered!

I realized that I was one of those people that had just enough information to be dangerous…to himself!

I have come to realize that the history of this country that I love so much is not the TRUTH, it’s the political spin of the time that the books were written. What I was taught doesn’t even resemble the truth!

Now I am somewhat frustrated because there is so much catching up to do! The Constitution, The Founders and their beliefs, the progressive movement, FDR, Teddy, Woodrow, Lincoln, and on and on. Where to start? In what order to read or learn?

My core beliefs, my values and morals are all intact but some of the truth that those things are founded on are let’s just say a little shaky!

So much reading/listening/watching/learning to do and only so many hours in a day!

The good thing is that I am pretty darn stubborn and now that I have sank my teeth into this TRUTH search, I will follow through and keep learning for the rest of my life.

Do you feel the same way? Do you find yourself shaken at the reality of our history that is not being taught?

Until Next Time…


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